How do I subscribe or unsubscribe for the farmdoc daily email list?

If you prefer to have email sent directly from our server, you may subscribe yourself to our email update list by adding your email address here.

If you currently receive email from our update list, you may unsubscribe yourself here.

How do I use the farmdoc daily 'syndication' feeds?

Syndication (RSS or ATOM) is an XML-based format for content distribution. We offer two syndication format feeds with headlines, descriptions and links back to farmdoc daily for the full story. Select either the RSS or ATOM links listed below. This will load the appropriate URL into your browser. Then copy/paste the URL into your newsreader software and receive our news feed:

The particular .xml file format you choose may depend on your newsreader software.

How do I use 'social media' on farmdoc daily?

We maintain social media sites at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to enhance the original content already available on the farmdoc daily website.

Look for the Follow Us Links

Click icons on the 'Follow Us' menu on every page. You'll also see email icon for more traditional email subscription list.

Add farmdoc daily articles on your social media pages

For individual farmdoc daily article, push to your Facebook or retweet on your Twitter account. Look for the Facebook and Twitter icons along with each article.