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The farmdoc daily team sincerely appreciates the interest shown in the posts at farmdoc daily. We are especially pleased to see the material used on other websites and in various media publications. After all, we are a public sector educational institution and our over-arching goal is to see the material used as broadly as possible! If your organization is interested in re-posting farmdoc daily articles we simply ask that you follow the guidelines found below. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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What is a permalink? Many users wish to save or email the URL, or link, for a post on farmdoc daily. Because of the different index page types on our site, finding the appropriate link may be confusing. On this site we use a 'permalink' scheme to retreive individual articles, rather than an article imbedded in a month or category index page. The permalink is a URL that points to a specific blogging entry even after the entry has passed from the front page into the blog archives. Because a permalink remains unchanged indefinitely, its use avoids "link rot".

How to use a permalink. For each post, you will find a clickable permalink in the text footer (denoted by grey line at bottom of the text area). Clicking the permalink will take you to the permanent URL for that post. To save this post, simply add the permalink URL to your favorites list. To email a link to this post to other readers, copy the permalink URL and paste it into your email message.

Here's an example of the permalink location:

citation image

For more information on the 'permalink' format please see: permalink entry at wikipedia