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Du Pont Financial Analysis

  • April 21, 2016
  • Michael Langemeier

The Du Pont financial analysis model is a useful method of illustrating the relationship between the asset turnover ratio, the operating profit margin ratio, return on assets, and return on…
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Why Crop Insurance Has Become an Issue

  • April 20, 2016
  • Carl Zulauf

Considerable debate surrounds the U.S. crop insurance program, including its cost, role in farm conservation, and impact on farm management and farmland values. Objective of this article is to examine…
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Weekly Outlook

Corn Consumption and Acreage

  • April 4, 2016
  • Darrel Good

The USDA's March 1 Grain Stocks report released on March 31 provides an opportunity to assess the progress of corn consumption during the current marketing year and to re-evaluate prospects…
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Measuring Farm Profitability

  • April 1, 2016
  • Michael Langemeier

Farm profitability can be measuring using earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization (EBITA), net farm income, operating profit margin ratio, rate of return on farm assets, and rate of return…
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